Podcast 3: Cynthia Enloe

In this episode, Vaishnavi speaks to Cynthia Enloe. Cynthia Enloe grew up outside New York City, studied in California and in Malaysia, and now teaches at Clark University in Massachusetts. Cynthia's teaching and writing explore diverse women's and girls' lives in wartime and recovering from war, but also inside globalized factories, doing paid domestic work and on agricultural plantations. Cynthia tries to shed a bright light on the unjust local and international workings of both patriarchy and militarism. Among her most recent books are "Seriously: Investigating Crashes and Crises as if Women Mattered" (2010), a new updated edition of "Bananas, Beaches and Bases" (2014), and "The Big Push: Exposing and Challenging Persistent Patriarchy" (2017). Listen here.

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